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  • Monosomy 9p partial

    Monosomy 9p partial is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects an estimated 1 in every 500,000 births. It occurs when one of the two copies of chromosome 9 is missing or incomplete. The most common symptoms are mental retardation, speech impairment and learning disabilities. The name “monosomy 9p” refers to the fact that there are only two copies (instead of the usual three) of the short arm of chromo  Read More

  • Ophthalmoarthropathy

    Stickler syndrome refers to a group of disorders of connective tissue. Connective tissue, which is distributed throughout the body, multiple organ systems can be affected. The specific symptoms present in Stickler syndrome often vary greatly from one individual to another. Affected individuals may not have all of the symptoms .The eyes, ears, skeleton and joints are most often affected. Affected individuals may also have distinctive facial fea  Read More