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  • Dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder)

    Dysthymia, now referred to as persistent depressive disorder, is a form of depression that lasts more than two years at a time in adults and more than one year at a time in children and adolescents. Dysthymia can afflict 3%-6% of the United States population -- women more than men and more African Americans than Caucasians and some groups of Hispanic people. Dysthymic disorder usually co-occurs with other disorders, li  Read More

  • Holiday depression, anxiety, and stress

    A number of factors, including unrealistic expectations, financial pressures, and too many commitments can cause stress and anxiety at holiday time. Certain people may feel anxious or depressed around the winter holidays due to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sometimes referred to as seasonal depression. Headaches, excessive drinking, overeating, and insomnia are some of the possible consequences of poorly managed h  Read More