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  • Hyperaldosteronism without hypertension

    Hyperaldosteronism without hypertension is also named Bartter's syndrome. In Hyperaldosteronism, adrenal glands produce much aldosterone. This results in a lowering of potassium levels in the blood, i.e. hypokalemia, and increases hydrogen ion excretion, i.e. alkalosis. 1. In this condition, certain kidney cells are enlarged, the blood becomes more alkaline than in the normal condition, and potassium and chloride  Read More

  • Munchausen syndrome

    Munchausen syndrome is a mental disorder that is characterized by the sufferer causing or pretending to have physical or psychological symptoms in his or herself. Adults aged 20-40 years are the most likely groups to develop Munchausen syndrome. Women with some knowledge or training in health care and men with little familial attachment are particularly vulnerable to this disorder. Munchausen syndrome is often either p  Read More